At Senior Home Health Care our goal is to support you with services that will help you remain as independent as possible. The peace of mind brought to you, as well as to your family and friends, allow you to remain involved in all of life’s special moments and occasions. 

SHHC uses a focused care approach when it comes to home care. Each of our licensed Registered Nurses work with the client’s  to create a specific, individualized plan of care. Our incredible staff of nurses work one-on-one with each client, the primary physician and their families to manage an illness or injury. Ongoing assessments and communication enable SHHC nurses to provide a continuity of care. The result is better management of pain, chronic disease and overall health.  

  • Health Assessments including blood pressure, glucose, postoperative recovery, and other vital signs 
  • Manage medications 
  • Disease and treatment education for client and caregiver(s) 
  • Post-operative wound care 
  • Dressing changes 
  • Ostomy/colostomy teaching and management 
  • Symptoms of Drug Toxicity 
  • Respiratory Changes/Initiation of Oxygen 
  • Circulatory Changes 
  • Anxiety, Confusion, Delusion 
  • Teaching healthy diet and lifestyle choices 

The Veteran Community Our great Minnesota Veterans hold a special place in our hearts at Senior Home Health Care. We are all proud to work closely with the Minneapolis VA Health Care System and the St. Cloud VA Health Care Systems to provide the care each Veteran deserves. Our amazing nurses have been working for years to help the brave men and women, who have served our country well, keep their independence.  

Call on Senior Home Health Care when you or a loved one is recovering from a hospital stay, a fall, or suffers from a chronic disease. We are Medicare Certified and are contracted with the VA. We are ready to be part of your health care team. 

Please note that the level of services available may vary due to what your insurance provider allows.