Patients experiencing injury, surgery, illness, or self-management of chronic disease requiring recovery and recuperation may be eligible for home health care through their Medicare benefit.

To meet Medicare guidelines, each patient must:

  • Meet the definition of ‘homebound (the normal inability to leave home). Must be a ‘taxing and considerable effort’ by the patient and requires the assistance of others or a supportive device. Absences from home for non-medical reasons must be infrequent and for a short duration.
  • Have a specific care need requiring part-time or intermittent care.
  • Require the care of a nurse or therapist.
  • Be under the care of a physician licensed to practice in the state of Minnesota

Services can be provided to clients who require assistance with activities of daily living if the client is also receiving care from qualifying skilled nursing or therapy professionals. Services include:

  • Assistance with personal care and grooming
  • Assistance with transfers/ambulation
  • Assistance with exercises

Please note that the level of services available may vary due to what your insurance provider allows.